So I've been educating myself. I have been going online studying cultures and humanity across the entire world. Being a big fan of Indian food, I searched for various aspects of culture in India. I couldn't resist refreshing my memory about India's great leader Mahatma Gandhi. Quite a few years ago, I used to read and study the scriptures of India and appreciated how in ancient times, scriptural text was a "space" that was sacred. I believe that to be true nowadays, but perhaps more widely understood in the days of long ago. Books on the Sanskrit language still intrigue me. Not long ago, on the radio, I heard an expert talking about Sanskrit, how it consists of every possible sound the human voice can articulate. Isn't that fascinating? But it takes years (I think he said 9 years or something like that) to truly master it. Regardless of exactly how many years it takes to master a written language, it is still quite exciting to study and research it.

I do admit, though, that my Indian cultural search began with a daydream consisting of eating some amazing food. Sometimes dozens upon dozens of spices are used in a single dish. I once found an eastern cookbook that had lots and lots of pages, but only a few recipes; perhaps each recipe took lots of pages because of so many spices. The book was well-worth it, though.

Sometimes when I check out the news for India, the media might cover interesting topics like Bollywood, and cricket, but what really fascinates me is the eastern culture. They are so very thoughtful in the far east. Very contemplative, very smart, very intelligent. I wish it was closer to here. I would travel there very often. Imagine that! Flying to India to have lunch and dinner, and being back here the next day. Wouldn't that be fun!? Unfortunately, travel there takes hours from where I'm at. Perhaps even a full day of airports, changing planes, not to mention changing time zones with jet lag and all the things that go along with


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