I feel like I've learned a lot from my teachers, professors, textbooks, and fellow students this past semester at college. Wow, it is so hard to believe that we are already a week into May. Finally, we are past mornings of frosty car windows and our trees and flowers are not every morning being bitten by that nasty sparkling frost. Whew. I am so ready for spring. That means in the cycle of things that it is time to begin a deep serious cleaning. The perfect place to also begin will be by both ridding myself of unneeded items at the same time as I receive a benefit of some always needed cash. While my college textbooks are still holding a decent amount of value is the best time to recycle them. Then either I will have some extra cash or I could re-invest into next semester's textbooks. Why keep a stack of not to be used books about to clutter my already restricted space. There is already enough dust gathering without there being this stack of textbooks here. Besides benefiting myself, I will be helping the next wave of college students who are in need of these textbooks' information. For those interested in selling, please do some research on your own because I was able to sell textbooks when the books I wanted to be selling are ones that were purchased by this textbook sales site online (there are many college book buying websites and places to sell textbooks on the internet). This sounds like it is good for everybody (and I won't stub my toes again the next time I make a midnight run without the lights). I know that when one takes into account the amount of time and energy invested in one's future, education is extremely important.

Besides cleaning and thinning out the used items, it would be well to dust out the cobwebs in my mind and find something new or old and brighten the recesses of my mind. Perhaps some might consider it to be a topic of no use or interest, but whatever the book that I choose, so long as it is relevant to me is all that matters. There are such a wide variety of interests to explore that it does not matter where I begin. With it being spring, maybe I will investigate what the many pests lurking in my yard and garden are. Rather than doing a total destroy on everything that moves treatment of the yard (as so many people do) I try to target specific pests only when they are in specific areas. Many spiders are of the friendly to my space variety and in fact eat our common enemy spiders and bugs. If I eliminate everything, what happens if the new prevailing invasion is mostly bad bugs? Did you know daddy longlegs kill black widows... it's good to know who your friends are LOL. Regarding learning, education, textbooks, and college faculty, they are truly great friends in all respects; in my opinion, anyone that helps me learn new things is deserving of the title of "friend" and deserves my respect as an educational and collegiate resource.



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