I need some sort of planner. They call it a planning book or "planner book" where I can list all the ideas that I have, when to do them, and at what time, supposedly, is supposed to be my free time. The problem is, this entire weekend is going to be all about research. I can't even type the word right (I keep spelling it "reasearch"). I know the "re" probably is short for "redoing" something (I'm good at that) and the "search" is like looking for something. Anyone seen my keys? (joke). Don't laugh, I know you'll be faking it. What, exactly am I researching? I'll share that with you here. There's no room in my planner book to list it, so I'll list it here:
  1. Resolution. That is when I decide to do something, and then follow through. There are so many resolutions, though.
  2. Loudness. Huh? Yes, loudness. To me, being loud means getting a result without being distracted. Not "loud" as in loud music, but being loud as in stating something so clearly that nothing else gets through.
  3. Final approach. Ever heard the pilot landing a plane? They say they're on "final approach" which usually means it's time to land. Time to reach the successful end of a trip. If I am doing a simple task like getting groceries, then "final approach" means I'm putting that bread in the cooler, or putting the bulk almonds and cashews in their respective little glass jars. When I imagine a project, and then follow it through, the success (for me) is the final approach.

So, that list mentions "resolution," "loudness," and final approach. Since there are so many permutations and variations of those, each deserves some research. Right? Does that make sense? Let's see YOU read that in some textbook. I just now explained some really simple steps I take in my approach to life. Do we have a comment section here? I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments on what your approach to life is.

Thank you for reading.


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