There is something, no, LOTS of things, about college and university students are great. I love the energy and enthusiasm in which they tackle life with. They are up at way too early an hour, not always because they want to be, but because because life and their college or university courses are awaiting them. Many of these men and women probably were up until twelve thirty or one a.m. doing homework. The ability of these people not only to do their studies and their homework in mass quantities (usually in a wide range of different topics) but for the outcome of this work to be comprehensive and articulate and readable and intelligent... AMAZING... and impressive. The art of running mentally in a multitude of directions whilst stretching physical sleep - necessities to beyond what should be possible and still be able to retain thinking abilities. Wow, very cool indeed.

Keep in mind, most of these students have part - time or even full time jobs to deal with. As if the business of college or attending an university were not enough. Then most important of all (and I am proud this comes to mind) is how many of them are maintaining an active-as-possible social life, with such grace and balance. To what extent they keep it a "healthy" social life might sometimes be questioned. For the most part, it is highly important to de - stress and blow off steam with friends, colleagues, acquaintances. Truly, let us think about this; these classmates, friends, colleagues and acquaintances ARE many of your future career contacts, mentors, partners in business. There is much to be learned from and with one another and with branches and roots running in and from every direction and interaction with as many and as much of a vast body of varying people as you are able to connect with is a huge asset. Not just professionally and not just for personal joy.

College and university students have such abilities to be so flexible with their energy and creative stretching of time. The ability to absorb so much information, connect it to other areas of interest they have with such seeming ease many times. Then to just plunge off into another class or topic with the same energy and ease.

The flip side is those students who are tenacious when things do not come so easily. The great courage and sheer will - power to square their shoulders and bend their heads down deeply into those textbooks and exams that is sincerely to be praised and admired. Nothing is better than to work hard to obtain something more precious than gold. It is not always easy to accept and choose to commit to "however many more years of school as it will take."

College and university students have my greatest admiration! I might even write more about them later.


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