When I think of things to write about researching stuff, or getting educated, I think I'll write those things, here. I just watched a show on TV about how we have an innate ability to learn. Why is that ability innate? How come we don't have to 'learn' to learn? I think the answer is because we must learn to survive well. Therefore, this requirement to learn becomes an innate ability. Here are some examples to clarify (before my readers get too confused):
  • Eating food. We naturally gravitate towards attempting to satisfy our hunger. We don't necessarily have to "learn" to eat to satisfy hunger.
  • Finding a path. Anyone knows to get from where they are at, to where they are going realizes that they must follow a path (or else, create a new path).
  • "Getting educated" about basics. If we have an built-in ability to learn, or, have an aptitude to learn, then the basics come naturally (at least, for some people).
So, surviving well is different than merely surviving. But an important thing to consider when learning to survive well is that education, learning, research, and finding a path are all a part of gaining the knowledge we need to make it through life with understanding.

What exactly is "understanding?" Is it a state of mind, or a result issuing forth from our mind once we have learned something? I believe understanding and learning are two different sides of the same coin. Once we've learned something, it's sometimes incorrect to assume we understand it. But on the flip-side, if we've understood something, have we learned it? That is where one of this blog's main topics come into play: research. For me, research follows learning, and understanding follows research and learning. Is that true for all people? I don't know. I don't mind saying "I don't know," because my readers should feel free to comment how they feel about this. So I'll finish this paragraph with some thoughts: research may mean something as simple as learning and understanding something. Or, research may mean reading, rereading, and assimilating the material in a textbook or a journal. And finally, research could be something as "unassuming" as sitting in one spot, contemplating something one has learned. That, my dear readers, is my understanding.


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